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King-Hsian Yang,
Raylin Tso,


KYC(Know Your Customer)是銀行非常重要的一項程序,除了法規上的遵循外,也同時要滿足控制客戶投資風險和防制洗錢的目的,但各銀行重複花費大量的金錢和時間成本在相同客戶KYC資料的收集和驗證上。另一方面,區塊鏈是一個採用密碼學及共識演算技術來確保交易資料無法被竄改的分散式帳本系統,被稱為無須中間人的信任機器。本研究透過區塊鏈做為銀行之信任基礎,在不改變既有的KYC流程下,提出一套“金融KYC平台”架構,讓不同銀行在提供金融服務時,每個客戶的KYC資料收集和驗證的程序只要進行一次。此平台不使用集中式資料庫,KYC原始資料存放在客戶資料註冊銀行本地資料庫中,銀行透過區塊鏈驗證KYC資料之正確及完整性,並透過區塊鏈上紀錄的相關資訊,進行銀行間的資料的授權及同步作業。本研究實際建置了七個金融KYC平台的使用情境,驗證原先的各項程序假設,都能在兼顧安全和效率下完成。KYC (Know Your Customer) is a very important procedure for banks not only for regulatory compliance, but also to meet the controls of customer investment risk and the purpose of money laundering control. It takes a lot of money and time in the process of verifying the same customer's information for each bank. On the other hand, Blockchain is a decentralized ledger platform that uses cryptography and consensus algorithm to ensure that transactional data cannot be tampered with, and is known as a "Trust Machine". Without changing current KYC procedures, this study build a "Banking KYC Platform" based on blockchain technology. And let the KYC validation be only conducted once for each customer between banks. This platform does not use centralized database. The original KYC data is stored in bank's local database. Banks verify customer KYC data's correctness and completeness through blockchain and synchronize them based on the information recorded in blockchain. This research shows the result of verifying seven KYC use cases with this Banking KYC Platform. It is a complete demonstration for reaching the goal of solving security, efficiency and cost reduction problems.


區塊鏈; KYC; 智能合約; Dapp; Blockchain; KYC; Smart Contract; Dapp

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King-Hsian Yang, Raylin Tso, "基於區塊鏈實作分散式金融KYC平台," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 24, no. 4 , pp. 1-14, Oct. 2018.

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