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Federal Anonymous Identity Management for 5G-Based Smart Ambulance based on Chebyshev Chaotic Maps

Tzu-Wei Lin,


5G is the newest mobile communication standard, and 5G can be applied in Internet of Things environment to provide real time, on-demand, linkable, and re-computable applications. 5G-IoT has become one of the important parts of next generation smart medical healthcare services. Emergency medical system (EMS) has already become a complex system which content all professionals in an ambulance. EMS is required to take immediately reaction and response to patients at accident cites, and EMS staff has to communicate with destinate hospital while transporting patients. By doing so, patients can have proper treatment once  arriving destination hospital. Privacy of medical data, including patients’ personal data, is an important issue in medical healthcare system. Otherwise, damage to hospital and patient will be caused seriously if privacy is compromised. This paper designs a federal anonymous identity management for 5G-based smart ambulance based on Chebyshev chaotic maps which provides secure communication between ambulance and destination hospital and privacy preservation of patients’ identity through anonymity mechanism.

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Tzu-Wei Lin, "Federal Anonymous Identity Management for 5G-Based Smart Ambulance based on Chebyshev Chaotic Maps," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 28, no. 4 , pp. 1-15, Nov. 2022.

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