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The Stream Cipher Based on Sliding Window Cellular Automata in Secure IoT

Shyi-Tsong Wu,
Guo-Hua Wu,


In today's Internet of Things era, communication security is a very important issue. Encrypting sensitive data during data transmission is essential. Stream cipher is one of the most widely used encryption methods in real time communications. Recently, there have been many published studies on the applications of Cellular Automata in stream ciphers, and the keystream produced by different cellular automata rules. Cellular automata is optimized for simple and fast computation, suitable for the Internet of Things with limited resources. In this paper, we propose a keystream generator that combines sliding window, cellular automata and bit permutation. The generated keystream produced by the proposed scheme has the pass rate at least 91% under the randomness test of NIST SP800-22.

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Shyi-Tsong Wu, Guo-Hua Wu, "The Stream Cipher Based on Sliding Window Cellular Automata in Secure IoT," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 28, no. 3 , pp. 1-14, Aug. 2022.

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