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The Module on Secure Communication Scheme in Smart Manufacturing Environment

Wen-Yan Dai,
Shao-Wei Tung,
Jheng-Jia Huang,


This paper provides a flexible plug-in module, which can solve the management problem that the resources provided on the network can be freely accessed without authorization between the intranets. And for the transmission of data that is not confidential or does not guarantee safe arrival at the destination for encryption. Many IoT communication protocols are still transmitted in IP packets during the transmission process. However, when the transmitting end sends an IP packet, it cannot predict which paths the packet will go through. After each router receives the packets during the forwarding process, it reads the destination address indicated on the packets and searches for the destination address. The possible path to reach is then sent out. As a result, the information carried in the IP packet can be easily forged. Therefore, this module is designed to meet the security requirements of the internal network. Research on the use of the private network (VPN), using IPSec protocol transmission technology, is not easy to connect with the external network. The transmitted data is more confidential and meets the needs of security. And in the communication environment, the communication between the two parties will be symmetric encryption to avoid the leakage of information on the packet to achieve the confidentiality of information security.

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Wen-Yan Dai, Shao-Wei Tung, Jheng-Jia Huang, "The Module on Secure Communication Scheme in Smart Manufacturing Environment," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 28, no. 1 , pp. 11-22, Feb. 2022.

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