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Current Developments and Future Challenge of Governmental Data Center

Chang-Po Chiang,
Shiuh-Jeng Wang,


The data center is a solid foundation for the operation of the organization's domestic communication service system. Governmental agencies have promoted the establishment of governmental data centers with green energy since 2016. The goal is to strengthen the digital infrastructure of government agencies to response the Big Data and the IOT generation. From 2018 to 2020, the foundation of digital information integration for public agencies has been established from the dimensions of cloud resource co-construction, data center construction, network centralized export, and human resource cultivation. After the establishment, the upcoming challenges of the new generation in response to future technological needs, including the allocation of information manpower, digital resource expansion, centralized import of network implementation, and high-energy-consuming equipment in the date center. In the end, this article proposes policy analysis and forward-looking actions for these challenging issues. Technology industry holders and government decision makers could think how to improve the sustainable development of governmental information services.

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Chang-Po Chiang, Shiuh-Jeng Wang, "Current Developments and Future Challenge of Governmental Data Center," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 27, no. 3 , pp. 38-50, Aug. 2021.

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