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Decentralized data encryption trading platform with enhanced privacy

Yi-Hsuan Li,
Raylin Tso,


In the modern era when the Internet is developed, information is no longer limited to the existence of paper, and digital information has become an extremely important asset. More and more information sharing and transactions appear on the Internet in digital form. There are many hidden dangers in many aspects such as data and transaction security, user privacy, etc. However, the existing data transaction platform is not completely trustworthy. Centralized storage has a negative impact on user privacy and cost. The current decentralized storage solutions do not have a good operating model and lack the participation of nodes, and the data provider does not have control over the right to data transactions.
This research proposes a decentralized data encryption trading platform with enhanced privacy that uses a combination of multiple technologies such as blockchain and Inter Planetary File System (IPFS). The data part is protected by proxy re-encryption technology and stored in IPFS, combined with storage certificates for verification. Achieve safe and reliable storage, the transaction process combines ring signatures and stealth addresses to protect the identity and privacy of both parties in the transaction. In addition, there are appropriate rewards to incentivize the operation of the node. In the follow-up related research chapters, some current systems are also evaluated. In these technologies with the support of the trading platform, it provides an improved reference for the trading platform market.

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Yi-Hsuan Li, Raylin Tso, "Decentralized data encryption trading platform with enhanced privacy," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 27, no. 3 , pp. 21-37, Aug. 2021.

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