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Smart Pillboxes with Network Security

Yong-Sheng Chen,
Rong-Cheng Kuang,
Chi-Hsien Liao,
Hsin-Te Wu,


“Medical Compliance” is a critical concept to chronic patients; among which, the elderly make up a high proportion to poor medication adherence. Therefore, we developed a mobile application to work with the smart pillbox for supervising and reminding users. On the other hand, considering that most elderly users are not acquainted with the operation of mobile applications, the application also added an instant delivery function for electronic prescriptions, which provides a user-friendly operation environment and saves the troublesome setting process.
After seeing a doctor, the doctor could deliver the electronic prescription through the application to the patient via Near Field Communication (NFC). Additionally, users can set medication times and the return visit countdowns on the application, so that the application will ring the alarm to remind patients taking medicines. For the smart pillbox, we utilize Arduino UNO development board to control the system and add a Real-Time Clock (RTC) module to manage the time; the servomotor will open the lid when the patient needs to take medicines. Moreover, due to the personal information of patients, the system requires secure transmission and security verification for ensuring personal data protection.

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Yong-Sheng Chen, Rong-Cheng Kuang, Chi-Hsien Liao, Hsin-Te Wu, "Smart Pillboxes with Network Security," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 26, no. 2 , pp. 49-58, May. 2020.

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