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陳昱仁 ,
廖耕億 ,
王齎諺 ,


行動設備日益普及,自攜設備(Bring Your Own Device, BYOD)議題逐漸受到重視,BYOD代表了企業行動模式的新階段,將有可能改變人們和企業未來的工作方式。在享有BYOD許多優勢的同時,其特性也帶來了不同以往的安全議題,而這些議題也是目前阻礙國內外企業採用BYOD政策之主因,因此本研究將現有的BYOD安全威脅和風險進行彙整與分類。本研究以現有行動安全相關組織與學者之安全威脅分類為基礎,將BYOD安全威脅主要分成「A.行動設備之安全威脅」、「B.企業內部之安全威脅」和「C.人員相關之安全威脅」3大類,再對其細分12項子類別,共39項風險。With the popularity of mobile devices, the issue of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becomes more and more important. BYOD stands for a new stage of enterprise mobile mode, and it will change the working ways of people and enterprises in the future. Because of the characteristics of BYOD, it not only has many advantages, but also brings some security problems which differ from the past. These security problems are also the main reason that obstructs enterprises all over the world to apply BYOD policy. Therefore, we aggregate and classify existing BYOD security threats and risks in this study. Based on the security threat classification of existing mobile security-related organizations and scholars, this study divides BYOD security threats into three categories: "A. Security threats of mobile devices", "B. Security threats within the enterprise" and "C. Personnel-related security threats", and then subdivides into 12 subcategories, with a total of 39 BYOD security threats aggregated by this study.


自攜設備(Bring Your Own Device); 安全威脅; 分類; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD); Security Threat; Classification

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陳昱仁 , 廖耕億 , 王齎諺 , "BYOD安全威脅之彙整與分類," Communications of the CCISA, vol. 23, no. 2 , pp. 78-92, Apr. 2017.

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